The development of a Vietnam agricultural products supplier Viet Agri Wholesale

Viet Agri Wholesale is a prominent name in the field of exporting Vietnam agricultural products. Let’s see the journey of formation and development of Viet Agri Wholesale.

1. The development journey of a Vietnam agricultural products supplier Viet Agri Wholesale

The abundance and variety of Vietnam agricultural products were made known to Do Xuan Hoan, who had previously worked for an agricultural product firm. These advantages and opportunities, nevertheless, have not yet been fully taken advantage of.

1.1 The establishment of Viet Agri Wholesale

Particularly many delicious and healthy foods, but they haven’t yet been able to reach many customers owing to the lack of widespread distribution. This directly caused the supply and demand to diverge, which resulted in losses for the producers. As an alternative, the multiple distribution channels, etc. may demand customers to pay prices that are more important.

The development journey of Viet Agri Wholesale

  • There has always been a scenario in Vietnam where “rescuing agricultural goods” has been occurring passively, especially in recent years. This has been the situation for a while. Do Xuan Hoan, a young man who works in the farm sector, is constrained by all of these variables and “cannot sit quiet.”
  • To establish confidence among farmers and other producers so they may participate in the Viet Agri Wholesale ecosystem, Do Xuan Hoan and his partners went to each farm to speak with them one-on-one. To be able to hear the views and ideas of individuals who have been involved with agriculture their entire lives, they even “ate together,” stayed with, and worked together.
  • On average, Viet Agri Wholesale has frequently run between one and two campaigns every month. “FoodMap has gained quite a few customers and manufacturers owing to its attractiveness to attract buyers and encourage sellers to be farmers or producers,” claims Do Xuan Hoan. After around 15 campaigns, FoodMap provided this information.

1.2 The development of Viet Agri Wholesale

Viet Agri Wholesale has been in operation for two years and has exported high-end  Vietnam agricultural products to Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Viet Agri Wholesale anticipates teaming up with other suppliers soon to accommodate the demand for these products in Europe. The largest agricultural organizations in Vietnam, including BSA, VIDA, and VASEP, will operate extensive programs and accompany farmers as they purchase agricultural goods around the nation.

Do Xuan Hoan chose to operate Viet Agri Wholesale on the pre-order model in order to address the difficult problem of minimizing the quantity of surplus and inventory that occurs in the agricultural supply chain at the post-harvest stage. around 30–35% of overall product sales, and it caters to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers.

2. Outstanding Vietnam agricultural products at Viet Agri Wholesale

The most well-known company for exporting Vietnam agricultural products is Viet Agri Wholesale. The firm offers three different spices, including pepper, cinnamon, and star anise.

2.1 Black pepper

Black pepper that has been crushed into a powder is available from Viet Agri Wholesale. On a worldwide basis, Vietnam is one of the leading producers and exporters of pepper. Vietnam manufactures tens of thousands of tons of black pepper annually to export to other nations.

Black pepper from Viet Agri Wholesale has good quality

  • The countries of Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, and Binh Phuoc produce the majority of the black pepper that Viet Agri Wholesale sells. Thus, our black pepper powder guarantees an origin of export-quality and a sizeable supply for wholesalers.
  • Viet Agri Wholesale imports its black pepper powder from Vietnam. To ensure the quality and safety of the food, it has gained accreditation from ISO, BRC, and HACCP. Maximum relative humidity for black pepper powder is 13.5%.
  • Viet Agri Wholesale is one of the most well known Vietnam black pepper exporters for its perfect product quality and quality service as well. For that reason, you can choose this company to buy black pepper in bulk.

2.2 Cinnamon

Cigarette cinnamon is one of the most well-known agricultural products of Vietnam, and it is produced and processed in the majority of the central regions of the country, including Quang Ninh, Yen Bai, and Quang Ngai. The moist, well-drained soil and humid tropical climate make this the ideal environment for cinnamon to grow.

  • Vietnamese and Indonesian products made with cinnamon have a stronger, more overt flavor than Chinese and Chinese products.
  • Vietnamese cigarette cinnamon is highly prized by exporting nations because it contains more essential oils—up to 8% more—than cinnamon from China and Indonesia. This is one of the factors contributing to the popularity of Vietnamese cinnamon.
  • Vietnamese cinnamon is frequently utilized in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. In several nations and cuisines, they are added to a wide variety of dishes and beverages.

2.3 Coffee

Robusta is one of the most often utilized ingredients in coffee production because of its high caffeine level. Robusta is typically used to make instant coffee and espresso.

Coffee is the most famous Vietnamese agricultural product

  • Tay Nguyen was born in Vietnam, the country that produces the majority of the Robusta coffee that is bought in bulk across the world.
  • The Robusta green beans differ visually from Robusta coffee beans in a few ways. Let’s examine them so you can tell them apart.
  • When Robusta coffee beans are initially picked, they are green.
  • The scent of robusta coffee typically ranges from moderate to extremely strong. They taste like oats. Unroasted Robusta coffee will have a raw peanut aroma.

In conclusion, the development journey of Viet Agri Wholesale – a Vietnam agricultural products supplier company has been a remarkable one. From its humble beginnings as a small scale operation, the company has grown to become a major player in the industry. Through strategic partnerships, investments in technology and infrastructure, and a commitment to quality, the company has established itself as a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality agricultural products.

Despite challenges and obstacles along the way, the company remains steadfast in its mission to provide the best products and services to its customers. As Viet Agri Wholesale continues to grow and expand, it is poised to play an even greater role in shaping the future of the agriculture industry in Vietnam and beyond. In case you want to learn more about Viet Agri Wholesale you can follow this link or


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